Cynical Software Lifetime

Cynical Software Lifetime

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Cynical Warzone Helper Lifetime Includes:

  • WZ & CW Helper
  • WZ & CW Helper Cynical Cleaner
  • WZ & CW Spoofer

By Purchasing you are agreeing to the following 

1.There are absolutely no refund's whatsoever, If you have any doubts please contact Admin or raise a ticket, Refunds are not given and are not supported by paypal or stripe please bear this in mind before purchase.

2.If you are experiencing any problems open a ticket or contact Admin.

3.Only purchase if you are mature and are authorised to place a payment.

4.Lifetime is a virtual item, you are purchasing "Lifetime" membership of the Cynical service, this means the license could end at any point, We cannot garantee how long your service will last.